ocTEL Week 0- Catch Up

As I had a bit of a busy week, I seem to be having to play catch up. However, I am determined to keep up with the activities and wanted to get them done before this weeks webinar. So I thought I would take a bit of inspiration from @philvincent‘s post yesterday and try and tackle the remainder of the activities all in one go.

Activity 0.2 Small Group Reflection

As Phil mentioned, there are a few participants of the course who all work at the university. I have been lucky enough to join them in their group and talk about the ocTEL course and reflect with them. I have also been looing through the groups on the ocTEL page, however, as I had a busy week I did not get chance to interact with any posts. I am happy that I got chance to familiarise myself with the layout and some of the topics that were being discussed.

Activity 0.3 Exploring and Experimenting

Although I have had chance to look through the #ocTEL site at the groups and forums, I am going to base this activity around the use of blogs and twitter. Straight away I loved the idea of using twitter to post about the course as it was something that I was familiar with and knew how to use. However, as I have never really set up a blog (properly anyway) it was a bit daunting for me to use this as my main form of communication. But  I was willing to have a go, and here I am blogging away, probably doing things wrong, so let me know if I am. But I will keep practicing and hopefully pick up some tips and tricks along the way.

Activity 0.4 Active Listening Online

I seem to have been doing a lot of this, and not participating much with things this week. I have been looking at everything including the forums and groups. As I am quite active in many different forums around the internet, I feel that the participation in the ocTEL forums is yet to really take charge. I assume this is because it was only week 0, which is understandable really. But for now I think one of the most successful ways of communicating and I will continue to use this.

Activity 0.5: Interesting examples of Technology Enhanced Learning



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