#Octel Activity 1.4

 Professor Sugata Mitra

Personally, I have come across Professor Sugata Mitra’s work before. I was fascinated when I first saw his TED talk and ended up actually using his work for a university assignment. His experiment with the slums, began to show me the power of new technologies being introduced to groups. It shows how we, adults and children have an inquisitive nature around new technologies. Even If we have not seen a technology before, we are not scared of delving in, using it and learning how to use it. Further to this, his theories around the type of screen are also quite interesting. It really begins to show how much thought needs to be put into the choice of technology we use, for what activity and for what audience. Overall, his work really begins to show the influence and effect that technology has on children in modern societies, whether they have had exposure to technologies or not. I would be interested to see his experiments done with adults to compare the results.

Eric Mazur

Eric Mazur’s keynote around his use of blended learning and peer instruction to help with assimilation, begins to address a difficult concept within learning. Although simple technology, the clicker, is used, he has addressed a more serious learning issue. His lecture for me begins to show how even simple technology has begun to bring together different educational ideas, peer learning, assimilation and feedback, through the use of technology. With ideas such as this, it could begin to show how difficult learning tasks can be made much easier through the medium of technology.


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