#OCtel Activity 1.5

Online Readiness Quizzes

As we were asked to complete the online readiness quizzes and reflect upon them, I decided to just reflect on two that stood out to me. I completed all of them but the two I am going to comment on is the Penn Stat quiz and the Illinois one. These were two completely different quizzes, but they had many similarities.

Firstly the Penn State quiz was quite long and in depth, asking many questions on a topic, to which the answers were a scale of whether you agree or not. However, the Illinois quiz seemed to only ask one question on each of the subject, and only asking yes or no questions. The results that were given also seemed to reflect how in depth the quiz was. The Penn State one gave a long feedback section, which gave information related to the questions, whereas the Illinois quiz just said whether you are ready for a MOOC or not.

With regards to the content, they both seemed to focus on similar things. There were many questions about your self-motivation and ability to work in an isolated environment and often on your own. Similarly there was many questions regarding your use of technology and whether you could use it well enough and whether you had the correct equipment to fully take part in a MOOC. However, one interesting difference was that the Penn State asked where you were located. Although this may just be for their own information, it implied to me, where you was located had an effect on whether you was ready for a MOOC or not. This was something that I thought MOOCS were supposed to help with.



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  1. #octel activity 1.5
    I completed 3 of the four surveys, the Houston and Illinois were quite similar and their responses to my answers suggested that I either had to reflect on what was required, or that I wasn’t ready. The Penn one however said that I was ready. I must admit it did seem, as another course member commented, that the information was/might be used for course recruitment purposes to the respective colleges. I feel that I am ready!

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