#ocTEL Activity 2.4

Activity 2.4

Title of activity

Exploring Geography through Twitter for trainee teachers.

Intended learning outcome(s)

  • To understand how social media can influence teaching methods
  • To understand the connectedness of people within teaching activities
  • To apply geographical knowledge to a new situation.

Activity description

The activity is designed for students who are studying primary education at university. Geography is the subject chosen, but the same method can be applied to many other subjects. Each participant will need a twitter account.

The purpose of the activity is to allow students to go and wander freely around, the campus, city or specific area of your choice (whichever you feel suitable). Using smartphones or tablets they must each take a photo of three locations, of which you can add simple instructions if you like. (somewhere manmade etc.). This will provide the different levels or purpose to the activity depending on the subject you are covering. The students must then tweet their photos using a specific hash tag (something that is specific enough to bring up your tweets only. After the activity has taken place the students can the come back to the lecture theatre and the tweets can be displayed via an application like TweetWally. Discussion can then be stimulated around the wide array of pictures that have been taken.

Timeframe for activity

15 minutes for the discussion. The preparation to the activity can be given a time frame in lesson, or it could be an ongoing activity to do over the week.

Prerequisites (e.g. existing academic knowledge and skills, technical skills required)

Knowledge of Twitter is essential.

Knowledge around the subject should be prepared for previously.

Links to the technology to be used




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