#ocTEL Activity 2.5

Activity 2.5

Firstly, I believe I need to admit to something slightly embarrassing. I have come across the game Runescape before, when I was younger, playing many hours on it. However, the embarrassing part is that since I have come to university I have found myself procrastinating on the game on a few occasions. But we all do embarrassing things whilst at university!

Anyway the game allows users to learn basic computer skills to start off with. This is simply using different shortcuts, mouse clicks and interacting with other people. However, the further people delve into the game the more content seems to elude. It can be through simple thinks you pick up along the way (copper and tin make iron) or it could be through the interactions you have with other players. Sometimes intellectual conversations take place in these games (well rarely) and that can be with anyone from around the world!

The thing that I originally found engaging was the level of customisation to the game. There are so many elements that allow you to change your gaming experience. This also meant that there were many different focusses that the player could have throughout the game. Alongside this, were the ‘quests’ that the player could take part in. This gave another level of purpose to the game. It also meant users could develop their abilities to follow specific instructions.

The demotivational aspect of the game for me was the repetitive nature. In order to advance further through the game the player must ‘train’ their character. This would then unlock more and more content and quests. This for me really discourages the learning side of the game as the hours that need to be put into developing the character, do not seem to justify the learning that takes place.


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