#ocTEL Week 3. TEL ONE

Within this activity I decided to watch one of the Khan academy videos, the one I chose was explaining vectors and scalars. The questions are listed below, with my answers.

-What elements of these do you think are appealing to different learners?
The clear audio is essential to these videos, enabling learners to understand a new concept very easily. As well as this, the diagrams and notes that are displayed are extremely useful. The fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, which should assist in engaging learners.

-What learners, if any, would they be inappropriate for and why?
For learners who engage well with instructions and explanations in a passive form, this type of learning will be extremely useful to them. However, for learners who prefer to get physically engaged with a subject, other resources may be needed.

-How do each of these resources differ from that of the resources we’re using in ocTEL? Do they promote social learning, re-use of their materials, or open access?
The whole concept of the Khan academy is based around distance learning and the re-usability of the resources. It also promotes an open access and education for all as the resources are free to access.


One comment

  1. Re-usability is definitely a strength of the Khan Academy materials. The social learning aspect is tied to the gamification of learning, earning points and badges, ‘leveling up’ so to speak. I’ve had fun with it with my own kids.

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