#ocTEL Week 3 Catch Up

Seeing as last week was my final week of university I got a little behind with #ocTEL, so I thought I can catch up this week.

Week 3- Activity 1

I thought I would have a look at screencast-o-matic. Firstly I am going to have to say something about the name. I really do not like it.

On the other hand, using the tool is extremely simple, the fact that you do not have to sign up to use it is an added bonus for me. The interface is extremely useful and the fact that you can change the size of what you want recording is brilliant. One downside is that it will only record up to 15 minutes, but most of the things I do with something like this would not last that long. The other issue is that you only can seem to publish your file rather than download it, this is an option I would like to see.

Activity 2
With regards to the four different activity basis, I would like to think that the activities I create take into consideration all four of the areas. However, I would assume that one will feature more heavily but this would change depending on the activity. Mostly, this would be the pedagogical approach for me. Coming from an educational studies background, the pedagogy behind any activity will always be at the forefront as it is something I have constantly been exposed to in my studies. This would then influence the technology I use, not the other way around. The pedagogical approach and purpose to an activity is key for me, technology is just the medium I use to deliver what is necessary.

Activity 4
Although I have come across many different theories such as this throughout my studies, Kolb’s reflective cycle is the one that I have used most predominantly. I have most times before I have completed an activity I have practiced it many times before taking into consideration Kolb’s learning cycle. By recoding myself or recording my slide timings, technology has allowed me to practice my timings and presentation skills very well. Not only that but through the use of forums I have been able to gain opinions around the activities I plan on completing. My learning styles do change if technology is included as I believe less reflecting is needed to be done, if things like recording is included. This allows a user to reflect upon themselves without the use of peer feedback. In other ways, I do attempt to gain feedback through technology such as text wall so that it can remain anonymous thus making it more honest and reliable.

Activity 5

◾How easy was it to find a relevant resource? What feature of the search function was useful to you in your search, and why did that appeal to you? Conversely, what feature was missing or prohibited you from easily finding a resource?
Although it was fairly easy to find resources with the search criteria I used, there were a lot of resources that came up that were not relevant too.

◾Are there any limitations to the use of your preferred resource for your learners (e.g. copyright licence; login requirements)?
Sometimes I did have issues where a resource looked perfect to what I wanted, and then it was not freely available. It was either restricted and you had to pay for it or it was behind a login.

◾How will this help your learners?
Just giving more options to where they look for resources will be helpful. Most people are restricted to either the university search service or google scholar.


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