Teach, tech and troubles- A busy few weeks…

Well, it’s been a hectic few weeks and frankly, i’ve been a bit rubbish on the blog front! This week has been especially busy with the build up to the Technology Celebration day at Loughborough College (which was excellent thanks to everyones hard work!), and car troubles thrown into the mix, but now I can hopefully find a bit of time to post a bit more.

There’s two things I want to really ramble on about in this post. Firstly, my first experience of doing some training on my own at my new job. I had the oppurtunity to deliver a couple of sessions, and its safe to say i was slightly nervous before hand. However, i knew that once i got in there I would be fine. And yes, I was, but not only that, I loved it, being up there sharing ideas and just seeing people get enthused about what I’m talking about. So basically, I cant wait to do some more, and with my upcoming Level 3 course, I cant wait to delve back into the world of teaching and training.

On a completely different note, as we all know im a big techy, I have given into the mighty apple marketing strategies and upgraded my 4s for the 6. Normally, I’m stingy and go for an older model to pay less, but I splashed out this time, mainly so i can get the watch when its available :-). SOOOOO hopefully at somepoint this week I will attempt to do a bit of a review of how I have been using it and what not!

SOOOOO, a bit of a quick post tonight, but hopefully that’s a bit of catch up, and now I hope I can find time to update the blog more, find a couple of ‘gimmicks’ and with a bit of inspiration from @iwilsonysj and his waffles, i hope i can do some sort of video recording. I have been enjoying his Live Waffles lately, and covering a wide array of subjects, they are interesting every week. Definitely something you should check in for!

Hopefully, see you all later in the week……


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