Blogging is Hard, but I’m Back

6 Months. 6 months has passed since we (myself and girlfriend) made the 200 mile move to start our new life together, straight out of university and straight in to full time jobs. It is with this that I thought it was time to have yet another go and sparking some life into this blog. I could give some spiel into how busy I have been and not had 5 minutes to sit down and write these posts, but this would be a complete exaggeration. I have one excuse, and it’s the truth, blogging is hard.

Okay, okay, blogging is not hard. You can sit down and write post after post quite easily. But writing posts that are actually interesting, is the difficult task. I could quite easily sit and type post after post about how my journey was to work, what I had for lunch and the fact that I saw 3 (yes 3) magpies together today, but who cares. It is this difficult barrier I seem to hit everytime whenever I try to inject life into my blog. At some point I begin to question myself and think why am I doing this, or is this remotely interesting….and inevitably give up.

So this time I’m back, and I have a plan. I aim to approach my blog in a different frame of mind this time. Check back here for more developments …


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