Below is an alphabetised list of all the apps I have recommended on Twitter. Each Tuesday I recommend at least one app that can be used in the world of education. Each App contains a link, a brief description and use in education.

Faster Scan HD
An app that allows the user to use their camera to ‘scan’ documents into pdf. These can then be emailed or uploaded in different formats.

Uses: Scanning pages from books/  documents, scanning evidence for portfolios or research.

A reference list building app, that also allows the user to scan barcodes to generate a reference for the publication.
Uses: Notes for reference lists, generating references.

Social Media. Check in where you are. Arrange to meet friends. Build up badges, stickers and become popular where you are.
Uses:Good for meeting people in a new area, keep up to date with your friends.

TED consists of riveting talks from many people on many different subjects. People from around the world talk about their subject in amazing ways.
Uses: Get inspired! Learn more. Aspire.


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