Be Seated

Getting your class organised can be the peril of any teacher, especially at the beginning of the year, when pupils do not know where to sit. Luckily, with the use of an iPad connected to a projector, an extremely simple tool aims to make this much simpler. With a simple bit of planning at before term starts, seating plans can be made for different lessons in the space of an hour. Here is my step by step guide to doing this.

1) Download and install the application Be Seated and familiarise yourself with the layout. Open the application and create your class. Mine here is class one.


2) Once you have done this, knock (double tap, yes I love that too) on the door to enter your class. Then set up the lessons in which you have different seating plans. For example.


3) The next step is to set up the seating plans within each of the subjects. So click on your first subject and press the button in the bottom corner, and then the button with the 4 little squares to add rows and columns of seats. I added 24, but you can change this to suit your class.

20140515_115607000_iOS                                              20140515_115622000_iOS

4) Now you have a basis for your class, you can shuffle the seats around to create the layout you want. My simplistic version  is below, but you can do yours to suit your needs. Just drag and drop each seat to where you want it.


5) The last step is to click on each seat and add a colour and a name. Make sure you add the correct name to the right position on the table. You can also make the colours relate to the tables in your class, like I have. (P.s. when you create your pupils names, it will save them for the next seating plan for a different subject.)


6) Once you have added all your names, you can carry on and create the next seating plan for a different subject. Then when it comes to term time you are ready to go. Simply connect your iPad to the projector/ smartboard and show the class where they need to sit. This is a good app to help the children learn where they need to be, especially for visual learners or children with SEN. And as an added bonus, you may even learn your new class’s names quicker,



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